Our History

Middle East Technical University Development Foundation Schools (METU DFS) officially opened their doors to primary school students in Ankara on June 19, 1989. The schools thrived throughout the following years with the first pupils graduating from the high school in the 1996-1997 academic year. Due to their success, the Ankara schools later expanded to include three other foundation schools in Mersin, Denizli, Kayseri and İzmir. Today with approximately 750  teachers, 300 support staff and 8000 students, METU DFS today form a large family which has become a touchstone in the world of Turkish education.


Ever faithful to Atatürk's principles and revolutions, METU DFS have aimed to create the best learning environment possible. At the heart of this environment lies the relationship between inspiring, caring teachers and engaged, motivated students. The teachers encourage our students to inquire, to think critically, to create, and to develop into life-Iong learners contributing to a modern democratic society.


In addition to METU DFS's regular academic programme, where proficiency in both the mother tongue, Turkish, and the foreign language, English are emphasised, the schools offer a wide range of extra curricular academic, social, cultural, and sports activities. Through these activities, the students learn to collaborate, cooperate, negotiate, and compromise.


Furthermore, the students have the opportunity of joining international clubs and participating in academic, environmental, and social projects. By taking part in these clubs and projects, they improve their ability to communicate and do research. They also learn to respect individual and cultural differences while developing both a global perspective and an appreciation for their own cultural identity.


METU DFS' hands-on-approach is enhanced by their modern facilities. Science courses are conducted in laboratories and all other courses take place in smart classrooms. Other facilities include two well-stocked libraries, multi-media rooms, gymnasiums, out-door sports fields, and a cultural center comprising art and crafts workshops, music rooms, and a conference hall.


Both within the classroom and beyond, our academic staff works with students and parents to promote a rigorous learning environment, an environment where our students aquire the skills and values that will enable them to succeed in the most competitive universities, and contribute to their community, their country, and the world.