Our Philosophy


  • ODTU GV Schools aim to raise individuals who are committed to fundamental principles of the Turkish Republic and respectful to human rights. In this respect, we never compromise on Atatürk’s principles and revolutions. 


  • ODTÜ GV Schools offer high quality and coherent learner - centered k12 education. 


  • ODTU GV Schools provide a safe learning environment where each learner, as a global citizen, respects the values of other cultures as well as adopting their own. 


  • ODTU GV Schools prioritize the utmost benefit of learners in its all implementations while keeping up with contemporary approaches to education. 


  • ODTU GV Schools offer a comprehensive, enriched, and flexible programme that aids the learners in developing their social, emotional, and physical skills and caters for their interests, needs and expectations as well as equipping them with academic competencies. 


  • ODTU GV Schools regard the views, suggestion, and evaluations of all stakeholders as one of the pillars to create a positive school environment where the whole person approach is appreciated. 


  • ODTU GV Schools equip the learners with the necessary competencies to be able to pursue their further academic studies through salient practices and assessment processes. 


  • The staff and learners are digital citizens who have embraced the principles of academic honesty. 


  • The well-being of each stakeholder is highly valued at ODTU GV Schools. 


  • Aware of the essential integrity of human and nature, ODTU GV Schools implement eco- friendly practices and educational implementations to pass on a sustainable environment to future generations. 


  • ODTU GV Schools is a life-long learning community where collaboration as well as independence and distinctiveness form the basis of all relationships and implementations.  


  • ODTU GV Schools, with their staff having a growth mindset, are innovative, flexible, participatory, and democratic in their efforts to structure the school culture and organization.