Our Principles and Objectives

Our Principles and Objectives

Our Principles and Objectives

-        To raise loving and modern individuals, who feel a strong bond to the Kemalist principles and the basic hallmarks of the Republic of Turkey,

-        To be aware of the fast changing and developing conditions of the world and to adapt to this with valuable contributions,

-        To follow a creative and innovative path in education,

-        To go beyond a traditional and rigid understanding of education,

-        To limit the number of students in order to provide each student with the same amount of care and attention thereby accelerating their rate of learning, 

-        To identify the students' areas of interest and to develop their social skills,

-        Not to see students as repositories of knowledge, but rather to meet their psychological, physical and mental expectations so as to bring them up as individuals who are able to use their knowledge, to think critically as well as creatively, to solve problems, to make decisions and to carry out research,

-        To provide teachers with the necessary background to actively make and implement decisions,

-        To render the communication between student, parent and teacher continuous and effective,

-        To run seamless education-teaching programs from grades K-12 in a manner that minimizes exam stress and anxiety,

-        To become an "exemplary school" on a national and international level, which embodies stronger and higher standards, in accordance with the "Declaration of Good Will" signed with KALDER concerning Total Quality Management and Excellence.

1.4.       Our Values

-        Kemalist Thought

-        Communication and Collaboration

-        Development

-        Creativity and Productivity

-        Leadership

-        Responsibility and Caring

-        Transparency, Trust, and Self-Confidence

-        Self-Realization


These shared values, which are described in detail on the school website, unite and motivate all METU Development Foundation Schools staff.